Yellow Apparition City

Yellow Apparition City

Your picture is in newspapers
From decades ago
A person I once really knew
On the front page of every issue

Wind brings to me the old papers
Dated for a today long ago
Scattered pages are blown around
Catch on legs and clog the gutters

On ink so rich, once black and white
Yellowed and faded with time
Torn and stained, forgot and uncared
Ink smears and most of them tear

No else one has been
Around in many eras
This place was once so alive
Now it seems decrepid inside

Brick walls have collapsed
Windows broken into
A place past its prime
Left smashed up and blind

I can rebuild this place
With bricks and sticks I will
I can make a new golden age
Out of nothing at all of value

Let me design for you a statue
Made of brass and zinc
A shrine, a park, that all my subjects
Ethereal citizens, can pay respect to

I’ll fix all the broken windows
Replace all the burned wood
Create new places in this place
For all my imaginary denizens

I will sit here with my pen and trowel
I’ll think up all the things I can
I’ll paint murals on every wall
I’ll sew and fly flags in your honor

I’ll protect this city from mauraders
Make-believe men I’ll stave away
With my sticks and my bricks
I will run and chase them away

From something they’d destroy
Out of spite and for no reason
It makes me happy to defend
Happy to defend you from nothing

But no one else is really here
All that are left are old ghosts
Cast from such a time long ago
This forsaken place they get lost in

I will forge a new printing press
Begin to run the newspaper again
Your face on all the front pages
For everyone in the city to see again

If you come back, you will see
All the things I’ve done so perfectly
The gorgeous city I’ve built anew
This newspaper I still run for you

I hope you’ll come back, visit again
Reside in the mansions I made
But I know that you won’t again
Deep in my soul, I know that is true

From all the things that we’ve said
And all that’s in your head
I know you won’t paint this city red
You’ve forgotten you even can

So leave, move on, forget about me
I’ll be here running the newspaper
Cleaning up the streets’ debris
Yellowing forever with this paper city

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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