Virgo Olympus

Virgo Olympus

When a long time becomes a year
When it used to mean a week
Tides transitioning, ever bending
Towards an old wooden moon

Apothic red wine and dark coffee
A crazy man and a sensible one
A tuxedo clad man with no shoes
A music box with no value

Stale smoke and bad salvia
The streets are alive and inhaling
This bed is warm and intimate
Out there is brisk yet tolerant

No breeze, no rain, just people
A lack of, and an abundance
All types, all walks of life
Vagrants walk with barons here

Enforcers are feared, not respected
Men are pigs, chasing slop
Misplaced compliments
Unintended consequences

Hole in the wall food
The best in downtown
A place no one knew of
A place to be alone

Long walks throughout the city
Comedy entertainment and music
Lips that taste bitter with the red
Own breaths forced and ecstatic

Pilgrimage to the capitol
Statues watching over all
Halls of justice standing tall
In the shadow of unvalued reality

Holes in the bottom of her shoes
What love is held here
What inherent value in the sights
The sounds. To each their own

Hair tangling in each embrace
Sticking to those ruby-stained lips
Virgo and sagittarius in the city skies
Disappeared once inside

Smoke clouding the crowds
Sweet and sticking to the skin
Singing to the sky
Scorching lungs and singeing wind

Red wine on people’s breath
Stumbling down the streets undeath
Live and breathe the concrete does
Catching those in respective stupors

Abstract art with abstract thoughts
No regrets with the monochrome
No shame in your evil ways
In this city, all are synthetic androids

Constellations blink over water
Lights reflect off of storefronts
Hands are held for comfort
Shoulders leaned on for support

Smoke swirls out of open doors
Organic switchboards shut down
Skin touches skin
Ashes drank from small shoes

Dollars at the music box unvalued
Burning would serve to reverse it
Less repetition and no replication
Would serve only to make its worth

Reality on a strip of paper
Cradled in hand on the long walk
A favorite word in archietecture
Sanity being no one’s

A jacket borrowed and torn
Suffered through so much
Shootings threats and stabbings
Not on these sidewalks

Hands in hands
Clothes on the floor
Red wine glass half empty
Skin touching skin

Wine mingles with coffee
Smoke with the city
Lights with the water
And ashes with ashes

The city breathed its last of the night
Midnight gives way to tomorrow
Into tomorrow, we’ll be revived
The city will breathe, so will we

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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