Tower Far Away

Tower Far Away

The bell which noisily tolls
Without purpose, it still mulls
When it can’t hear itself ring
It gets afraid and louder, poor thing

Shut away far from us
In the distance, weeping is brusk
Sharp, shrill, constant wailing
The bell is slowly failing

The valley in which the tower lies
Trees stand tall to avert our eyes
Bishops will stand and pray
Mourn in your own way

The bell could no longer walk
Cracks formed when it dropped
Paralyzed, it began to cry
Yet sadly it couldn’t see why

We couldn’t teach the bell
It wouldn’t understand, well
We talk to it and it doesn’t move
Now it had nothing to lose

So why let it ring?
We could unhook it and fling
It out of the window
It would only crack more, though

So we let the bell stay
In its tower far away
Let it sit and cry
Let the condemned bell wonder why

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