Somewhere Else

Somewhere Else

There was conflict.
Flashes of metal, and soot
floating in air.
Somewhere in the distance,
buoys float in suspended water.
Purple jets of hot gas spear
through frozen fire.
Like the might of a boar,
through the fire and war,
explosions are stood still
in time.
Swirling mountains sink
into the ground.
Brick and mortar falls apart.
Walls collapse and crumble away.
The grass and trees
rise and float up, roots ripped
out of the dirt.
The connection of day
rolls to a darkness without stars.
Falling to land on nothing at all.
Sink into nothing.

The void is brisk.
Not cold. Not warm. But brisk
as a summer night.
Blackness all around.
Nothing to guide or reference.
No constellations or clouds,
but a ground missing below.
You shakily take a step into thin air,
and a surface appears
to take your weight.
A smooth, geometric surface
has appeared for a small length.
You take more experimental steps.
Platforms of various shapes
and sizes gravitate
towards your tentative, shy steps.
Your breath fogs in front of you.
White mist exiting your lungs.
You hear your blood rushing
as your heart begins to panic.
Where are you?
You hold your hands out in front of you.
You can see them, yes,
but there is no light from which to gaze.
The platforms gravitate
at the rate of your tentative steps.
You cautiously begin walking.
The platforms racing
to meet your bare feet.
Slick, cool metal
is felt by your toes.
You feel no pain.
White mist billowing from your mouth.
More cold breaths.
You turn left, and more
platforms from no-where
follow your steps. You can go anywhere.
But where is here?
Looking up, nothing. Looking down,
these strange little platforms,
and your steps that attract them.
You begin running.
The platforms make no sound
as they reach your steps as you need them.
You can only hear your breaths
and contact with the platforms.
Eventually, you tire.
Looking behind you, you see
the platforms that so earnestly wanted
to meet your step, carved a trail that you walked.
You keep walking. Nothing to see, nothing to hear.
No monsters appear
from the darkness, and no one to talk to.
Nothing good. Nothing bad.
No one else but you.
And no reason to be sad.
You are free. You are trapped. Here in no-where.
And everywhere is here.
No sound, no light, yet you understand
and see all that you need to.
Did the path know where you would go?
Are you making a new one?
There may be a curtain just out of reach
you could pull away.
Or no-where might be here with you.
And everywhere might be where you could go.
The platforms didn’t seem to know;
which way you’d turn or where to show.
They were there as you needed them,
and stayed after you’d gone.
Turning around wouldn’t change where they were,
all you could do was walk a new path.
No one would know. Who would ever know?
No one would. No one but you.
Alone and lost in no-where. Able to go anywhere.
Nothing out to harm you, only platforms that assist.
Your journey into nothing.
As you walked more and more, nothing became something.
No-where was everywhere you’d been.
You could go everywhere else, but it’d all look the same.
So why move? Why make a new path?
Everything would look the same where ever you walked.
Yet you continue.
The platforms rushing to meet your feet.
Darkness surrounding.
You stop, looking behind you again. A single
line of metallic surfaces stretches into
whatever best fits a horizon.
They disappeared into darkness.
Reflective surfaces reflecting each other,
reflecting you. Warped images infinitely inscribed.
You look back ahead. Black.
Nothing more.
You continue to everywhere.
Your steps making more trails to no-where.
And no one would ever know you were
lost with yourself

When you find yourself staring into the abyss,
frightened to take the first step,
you are stuck in nowhere. It is with no thought
and little contemplation you must decide
to lift your foot onto a platform
which isn’t yet on this plane of existence.
You don’t know what will happen.
You won’t unless you take the step.
You will stand for many moments.
You will try to see outlines and patterns
which, like the platforms, aren’t there quite yet.
There is nothing for the immovable will
to decipher. With no use in being still and silent,
you move. The step appears. A massive platform
is instantaneously here below you now.
There it is. It was there the whole time,
you simply didn’t understand why it wasn’t
there before you made up your mind to move there.
Then the platforms understood you,
and you the platforms.
You feel with these first steps,
that these are
less platforms and more doorways.

It is perfect here.
Nothing, and that’s why
it is the apex environment. It is believed
there is time here in somewhere else.
Those lost to it don’t perceive
much apart from what happens.
No past or future outside of those
within the lost. They know what they feel
should be natural. The lost are unsalvageable,
and their minds are left to thrive
in this place of everything dressed as nothing.
They love it. Not worrying
about numbers or times or places and spaces.
No keys to keep track of and no doors to unlock.
The paths to be walked are never blocked.
It is all open to explore. And do not
waste time dwelling on a platform
that fulfilled its purpose
of bearing your form in past steps. It executed
its reason to exist flawlessly, allowing you
to venture further. You can’t remember
who you were before you got here.
There is no use thinking about it.
You make your own story as you walk.

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