Psychedelic Corruption: A Lyric

Psychedelic Corruption: A Lyric

Ignorance is bliss
Solitude in expanding spheres
The truth is crushing and hurts
Slipping away into yellow rivers

Swirling crowds and
Insane individuals
Seeking enlightenment
Finding only mist

Canoes and rowboats drift
Oars and ‘or’s floating away
Waves and pools rift
With no ferry or toll to pay

Uncertainty and exacerbation
The nessecity for clarification
Desire be, desire go
Tomorrow never knows

The elephant comes barging in
Full of hubris and in full whim
Sundown syndrome withdrawls
When truth disappears and falls

Purples, orange, and lead
The bold arrow of time
Pierces legacy and defies mind
Mischief all that’s in your head

Try it on if you want to see
The bitter, red truth
Get lost under the surface and
Call me back afterwards

Please mister postman
Send a letter to the devil
I can’t explain why I’m not
Happy just to dance with you

You see all the incredible hues
Down the rabbit hole you choose
.50 caliber rabbits and reptiles
Swimming in the great water tiles

Break on through
To apocalypse dreams
Meteors and big sky rings
Glassing the world at seams

Where are you?
Right at home, but somewhere else
Nighttime television becoming real
Simple projections you can feel

When you come back
Have you found what you sought?
Keep on lying to yourself
No one listens to me anyways

The truth, memory cheats
Lies, you will confide in
Doesn’t make sense to me
But no one listens to me anyways

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