Pink Clouds Orange Skies

Pink Clouds Orange Skies

All roses must eventually wilt
To last; something they’re not built
Everyone you know to recieve
Or only for two to believe


Fields of grass and bushels of bloom
They spring up around and loom
All of boys and girls to share
Stems of flowers to be curled in hair

We can try our best to return them
But the earth made them for you
You don’t want to deny it
A gift from the ground to you

The teardrops bounce off of petals
Gleaming as if glassed in metal
Gleam bright and look towards
A sun marching ever-forwards


Us at the horizon of orange wonder
And an ocean of green under
Us in currents of pretty plants
With warmth the fields we enchant

We can try our best to refute them
But the earth is green for you
You don’t want to pass it
A sea of flowers grown for you

I just want to bask in it
The leaves bristling and fantastic
Tickle the skin and soothe the soul
Making me feel more entirely whole


Lay on a bed of bright red roses
What many questions one poses
Finally all but erased from mind
When thorns are actually very kind

We can try to leave here
But it’s all so comforting
You don’t want to not be here
Warm wonder is waiting for you

Pink clouds circle overhead
Barely blotting sunlight they spread
An orange atmosphere of elsewhere
I’d always rather be here than there


Your field of grass and flowers
Sometimes bright blue rain showers
The land with its infinite wisdom
With you I have this grand vision

We can try our best to find here
But we never know where this is
You can stay here and keep me
And we’ll never have to leave

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