New Zealand’s Apocalyptic Fiancés


New Zealand’s Apocalyptic Fiancés

We played guitar and sang songs, all night by the fire
I look at you on the steps to the temple, in perfect midnight
When there was no one else on earth, you were all I needed
In this place of sanity we made among the rubble

To the skies we shouted, when we found each other
To the past, we scorned, there was no doubt about it
There was no use in wondering why were ever hurt at all
I forgot all that had happened just as soon as I heard your call

The fire burned slowly, consuming its kindling
The sticks we had gathered, overtaken by the blaze
Ashes rising above the embers, bodies glowing from the light
I strummed and sang and you there sat and listened to my voice

Brick steps we sat on getting warmer, the fire burning on it
Cold night air being banished by our song and bright blaze we built
Your eyes were always tranquil, heaven shining in them
Those songs I always sang for you, were written at the end of my world

But your call, my love, brought me back to life
And your words were always sweet, caring and kind
They echoed in my mind as I stared into the fire
Words of love, not just imitation, reflected time after time

We didn’t mind afterwards, when the fire finally died
Constellations overhead and hands held in hands
We fell asleep at the steps to the temple, without a care in the world
For the world was finally over, and there we finally were

Under a moon and heated by each other, on top of cold stone bricks
In the mountains of our final resting place, we lived the apocalypse
No one else living in the world, it was ours for the taking
I had the time of my life in the calamity, but sometimes I wish we never died

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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