Mizu Moyase

Mizu Moyase

Set fire to shallow pacific water
Make the air here that much hotter

Mai tais on the shores of Maui
We’re all having fun here aren’t we?

Ships pass by, jealous, each
Of bonfires set by us on the beach

Sandy vistas, grains creeping in
Reefs allowing commital of sin

We couldn’t be more rowdy
We’re all havng fun here, aren’t we?

With our drinks and pipes
I like them, but was never the type

Lava flows and obsidian grows
No worry or air to our woes

We party and laugh and enjoy
The wind to blow, we employ

No authority or set of punks
No prudes, no drunks, or monks

Ocean water surrounds us I see
We’re all having fun here, aren’t we?

We rule ourselves, eat what we want
When we run out we must hunt

Desperate, we marooned ourselves
We’re all still having fun here

Aren’t we?

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