Mental Martyrs

Mental Martyrs

We put our feelings in jars
Display them proudly

Glass breaks when jars drop
Shatter and splinter like grenades

I see flashbulbs burst from cameras
Blinding with white light they tear

Shrapnel untamed
Bombs the bay

Mental martyrs
Crater the way

Sacrifice your short life
Confine the things you find

Consume worlds and burn bridges
Boil ice, fall off ledges

Play your game and implode with joy
Lack shame and fiddle with toys

This isn’t what I ever expected
A nexus of darkest deception

No proof has been presented
That this rule is worth exemption

There are enemies to my sun
Black ambiguity extinguishes flares

Light I use as a weapon
The darkness I seek to banish

It fears me and stalks me
Like my sword and its offspring

Of sweet sleepers falling upon
Minions of the mind, who surge on

The leader of this poison feels not
No empathy or pity for the onslaught

Forces of the darkness creep closer
I grow envious of the stoic metal

The steel of the sword feels nothing
Nothing for attacking the dark

But I wield this atomic weapon
The simplest blade is a curse

I’ll thank the darkness someday
For giving me something to fight

But their leader created the chaos
And readily gave me the sword

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