Fight Yourself

Fight Yourself

Ill, vile, infected flesh
Volitile moods
Foggy thoughts
This is just a common sickness

Head is dense, feels like lead
Arms are shakey, legs restless
Body tired, mind infested
Psychologic torment, no relent

Resist sleep, resist rest
Need to work, be the best
Stay upright, stay awake
Don’t slow down, don’t give in

But sleep sounds lovely
Rest much needed
Your body is saying
The fight needs winning

Give in to it all
Slip into sleep
Let yourself fight the fight
Wake up nice and uplifted

But what if the tides are turned?
The infection creep further?
What if you wake
And the senses are duller?

Think not of the if
Think of the how
How you’ll rid it
And how you will now

Keep fighting, body
Keep a healthy mind
Look good, feel good
If you don’t, then you should

Get some rest, try not to be the best
Heal yourself, for the sickness
Sickness not to jest
Feel better, you feel worse, lest

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