Classic Piracy

Classic Piracy

Out to the waves we voyage
Sails high and figurehead poised
Full of rum and all with gun
Without authority, we have more fun

Free to sail wherever we please
Pilliaging royalty of their reales
Shouting conditions, gunsmoke in air
Fire on ships, with water everywhere

We praised our devil of the ocean
To the crew of others we boasted
That our vessel was the mightiest
Never weak in even the slightest

Lock, stock, and barrel
We fired at ships when able
No flag or alliance was safe
Everyone fair game to lay waste t’

Splintering mast and yelling bold
Fire on decks and cargo on hold
Gold and silver ours to plunder
How to spend it is our wonder

Swords gleam and flintlocks crack
Ocean ahead and wind at our back
Flashes of shot with shatter of sound
These are men when truly unbound

Shores of sand waking up on
When the fights were finally done
Smile on face and bottle in hand
All ready to claim this new land

Treasure fleets for us to be paid
The silver train we continue to raid
Brigs and men o’ war to sink
Schooners n’ frigates gone in a blink

To Coro, Havana, and Florida Keys
We go wherever we so please
Join up, recruit, get branded
Only the strongest can withstand it

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