Brass Mirror

brass mirror

Brass Mirror

Look in the mirror
Stare through the glass
No it isn’t clearer
It’s reflecting your brass

Your clone follows and dances
Same expression on its mask
Hovering close when it passes
Falling in sync into your casks

Hold tight and lock latch
Press forward and step through
Your other self is there to catch
You when you trip up a move

Portals to non-futures far away
You’ll explore with yourself
Gone from home for days
See all the cards you could’ve dealt

Other times, other places
All so familiar, the locations
Barely recognizable, the faces
You are truly lost and dislocated

To yourself you’ll seek comfort
Bury your face and cry
Far from home, but here you are
This isn’t home. You don’t know why

A parallel universe next to home
Life that could’ve been known
Regret that you have shown
Makes it clear you feel alone

Everything home is a brass tinge
You’ve seen iron, gold, and platunim
Alloys richer than home’s binge
Futures once yours, unfathomed

You return, never feeling the same
Home is comfortable no longer
You feel a most immense shame
You wish you made choices wiser

Yet there you sit looking at glass
Faded brass on all fixtures
Everything plated and passed
Bronze and copper a gross mixture

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