Who do you dress well for?
When you brush teeth, comb hair
Put on make up, put on more
When you’re concerned of what you wear

Why do you care if no one else does
If there is no one who truly cares
Do you care what yesterday was
Or who actually sees your inner lair

When you remove imperfections
In the morning in mirrors
Do you feel an emancipation?
Is there solace in nothing dearer?

Is it you you’re impressing?
Or are you only facing fear?
When you chose what to dress in
Does your vision become clear?

When you speak, when you blink
Are you fishing for empathy?
These things, do you think?
Are you expecting my sympathy?

Your bright eyes, red lips
Loud clothes and harsh music
Are they fine tuned for your benefit?
Or are they for others to abuse it?

You shout and you cry
No one cares, no one minds
Is it fun for you? eternal try
And you never really wonder why

Your attitude is absurd
Your priorities are never sure
You forgot completely what you were
And only care about what you are

Motivation never present
No future stable and secure
Have you not yet learned a lesson?
Do you remember who you were?

Too well I know your gaze
I’ve too often navigated your maze
So keep still in your daze
And never repent your cruel ways

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